As I continue to write, I regularly ask myself: What is the goal? Why am I writing? What do I hope to accomplish? 

Surely my writing serves as an outlet, an avenue to express my thoughts and add my voice to the conversation, and in that regard it is helpful for me, whatever its contribution to the greater discussion or to anyone else. However, as I examine the above questions, which require even more consideration, I find myself motivated by a desire to help people be free from fear, pressure, or worry in their relationship with God. I want to help people find hope, joy, and peace by knowing what God has done for them in Jesus. Too many people live in fear of death and hell, too many people live under pressure to do enough for God, worried they’re falling short in their commitment to Him. Too often we hear at church a message of performance-based religion that adds to people’s burdens instead of relieving them.

There is more to be said, but for today I just want to point you to an article I posted yesterday on, which I hope contributes to the overall goal. It’s a bit of a long one, at least compared to other posts ( says it’s an 8 min read), but hopefully it is helpful for you.

Click HERE to find it. It’s entitled, You’re Not Following Jesus Closely Enough . . . and That’s Okay.