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I Forgot . . . on

Hello! Sorry I missed last week. I’ll spare you all my bad excuses.

Today, I am going to again send you to, which is a online platform for writers. Some people post on medium rather than host their own blog, but for me it has worked well to do both. I have posted a few articles there because it serves as another venue for my writing, and also because, in my mind, some articles I write seem to fit better there, rather than in the middle of the blog discussion, which is more focused at the moment on ultimate redemption.

You can find the article by clicking HERE. It’s entitled, “I Forgot Jesus Loves Me.”

Thanks so much.

What’s the Goal?

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Following Jesus Closely Enough?

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Do We Have It Backward?

I recently corresponded with someone who stops short of believing in ultimate redemption because he thinks there will be people who will never turn to God, no matter what the consequence. In support of his perspective, he alluded to John 3:19, which says, “This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but people loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil.” He figured some people would never repent, even in the face of hell. Continue reading

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